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Product User Manual

For a description of the ESA WorldCover product and details on how to use the data please see the Product User Manual.

Product Validation Report

The ESA WorldCover product has been independently validated by Wageningen University (statistical accuracy) and IIASA (spatial accuracy). The WorldCover 2020 v100 product reaches an overall accuracy of 74.4%. For more details please see the Product Validation Report.


Publications, models and data products that make use of these datasets must include proper acknowledgement, including citing the datasets and the journal article as in the following citation.

If you are using the data as a layer in a published map, please include the following attribution text:
© ESA WorldCover project / Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2020) processed by ESA WorldCover consortium

To cite these maps as data source in your publication, please add:
Zanaga, D., Van De Kerchove, R., De Keersmaecker, W., Souverijns, N., Brockmann, C., Quast, R., Wevers, J., Grosu, A., Paccini, A., Vergnaud, S., Cartus, O., Santoro, M., Fritz, S., Georgieva, I., Lesiv, M., Carter, S., Herold, M., Li, Linlin, Tsendbazar, N.E., Ramoino, F., Arino, O., 2021. ESA WorldCover 10 m 2020 v100.


WorldCover 2020 map poster (printable)

Project website

The project has been developed by a consortium lead by VITO. Further information available at: Project website